About Interquip
About Interquip

 Company Background

Established in 1995, Interquip Electronics (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd is a comprehensive high-tech enterprise in R&D, manufacturing and marketing quartz crystal resonators and quartz crystal oscillators of great quality and reliability. The frequency components produced can be widely applied in 5G Smart Home, Smart Wear, IoT, IoV, Telemedicine, Automotive Electronics, Communication Industry, Security Applications, Industrial Equipment and other industries.

Headquartered in Bao’an, Shenzhen, Interquip owns two highly automated production bases in Shenzhen and Shanshan Special Cooperation Zone, with a total area of more than 43,000㎡. At this time, Interquip Electronics is expanding its research and manufacturing capacity and moving into a newly constructed 35,000㎡ multi-building complex, which is located in Shanwei on the eastern border of Shenzhen. This facility will initially house two class 1000 clean rooms, which are equipped with the most advanced automated production equipment for the finishing of the quartz crystal devices. When fully implemented, this facility will have a production capacity of more than a billion frequency control components per year to meet the growing demands of the electronic industry. In order to provide customers with efficient and convenient services, Interquip's sales network spreads across Beijing, Chongqing, Suzhou, Fuzhou, Shenzhen, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Malaysia.

Interquip has passed the test certifications of ISO 9001、IATF 16949、ISO 14001 etc., and acquired the awards of "Shenzhen High-tech Enterprise", "National High-tech Industry", "Best Quality Award", "Guangdong Famous Trademark", "National Advanced Unit of Scientific and Technological Innovation and Quality Management", "China's Top 100 Enterprises of Electronic Components" and so on.


Main Product Lines

The products include SMD quartz crystal resonators in the seam welded and all-ceramic enclosures as well as the hybrid (metal cover with ceramic base) enclosures. The size for the SMD crystal resonators ranges from the smallest 1.6 x 1.2mm to the largest 10 x 4.5mm package, frequency available from 32.768KHz to 250MHz. Quartz crystal resonators are also manufactured with metal enclosures in both standard and moderately high precision.

Other products manufactured by lnterquip Electronics include both lead-free DIP, and SMD clock oscillators, temperature compensated crystal oscillators (TCXO), voltage controlled crystal oscillators (VCXO), and the oven controlled crystal oscillators (OCXO). lnterquip is headquartered in Shenzhen, China with sales offices throughout China and South East Asia. It also has representatives and distributors throughout the world.


Interquip's Strength

Manufacturing processes and materials

Interquip Electronics has developed its own encapsulation processes and packaging materials to counter with the supply chain burden Induced by the dominant commercial suppliers. These encapsulation processes and packaging materials, which were developed over the last two decades including the SMD All Quartz Crystal Resonators (SMAQ series), SMD All Ceramic Crystal Resonators (SMAC series), SMD Hybrid Crystal Resonators (SMCM) and Plastic Encapsulated Crystal Oscillators (166, 178 and 186 Series). These products have advantages over the conventional packages and will benefit our customers with competitive pricing, flexibility in delivery lead-time, while maintaining excellent quality standards.

Equipment development

Interquip Electronics has a long history as a developer of equipment and processes for the quartz crystal components. Our in-house equipment manufacturing facility is capable of producing customized manufacturing and testing equipment that are best suited for our needs for the production of quartz crystal components. This allows us to lower the capital investment cost of our production equipment with added flexibility in production line expansion. The equipment that is built in house including sealing equipment, ion-etching frequency adjustment machines, conventional frequency adjustment equipment, automatic crystal/oscillator test equipment, TC test machines and 3 in 1 robotic for auto equipment testing, laser marking and taping.

Customer Service

The lnterquip Electronics' technical and production staff works hard to understand and fulfill the requirements of every customer and to accommodate special changes in delivery schedules. Our marketing and sales staffs are obligated to respond to all enquiries within a 24 hours frame for standard products. We welcome the comments from our customers as to how we can do better and improve our performance.


Mission Statement

Interquip Electronics is committed to supporting the expansion and development of the global electronics industry by developing, manufacturing and supplying high quality, competitively priced, quartz crystal based frequency control devices and related technologies. An R&D center is maintained to carry out the objectives of the Technology Roadmap, which involves the development of new products and manufacturing process technologies.

Interquip Electronics is dedicated to being a responsible world citizen, a trusted company that understands both social and environmental factors and requirements and that works hard to fulfill its responsibilities to meet those requirements. As evidence of the company's dedication, its management is committed to meeting the REACH and RoHS II requirements, its factories are all certified ISO14001, ISO9001 and IATF16949.

Interquip Electronics works to fulfill its social responsibilities as a world citizen by promoting the good citizenship, health and happiness of all of its employees and by encouraging them to participate in creative learning experiences so that they will be better able to meet the challenges of life.